How to show your Facebook Badge on your site

You may insert in your EditArea site a badge of your Facebook profile that recalls several elements of your page as:

  • profile data
  • images
  • events
  • fans
  • etc.

How to show the badge on your page

1 - go to your Facebook profile
2 - go to this page:
3 - choose a badge type (profile, fans, with photo...)
4 - if you want, modify the badge to customise it
5 - once done, click on other to obtain the code for your badge
6 - go to the page of your site where you want to insert the badge and create a new block. (leave the Facebook page open)
7 - click on "body" and on the "Source" button
8 - copy the following code:

<div class="eaKeep">
    <...facebook code...>

9 - paste it into the block of your page
10 - go back to the facebook page and copy the code of the badge
11 - go back to the block of your site
12 - paste the facebook code in the place of

<...facebook code...>

13 - click on "source"
14 - confirm with OK