Browsable documents

With you can create and share on your EditArea site your browsable documents.
Catalogues, magazines, pdf with several pages are browsable like a magazine from within your site!
  1. Go to and click on "Create Account" (top right)
  2. Fill in all the data and accept
  3. Click on "Upload" and accept the service terms
  4. Click on "Browse" to look on your computer for the file you wish to put online
  5. You can give a title and set several parameters like Book type, a category, etc...
  6. When the document is ready click on "no thanks, go to my library"
  7. Your personal library will be shown to you

How to insert the document on your site:

  1. select or create a new block in the page you wish
  2. go to the "body" label
  3. click on
  4. enter the following code: <div class="eaKeep">
  5. go back to the issu library
  6. select the created document and click on "<> Embed" (on top)
  7. copy the code from "Embed Code"
  8. go back to the block of your site and paste the code
  9. at the end of the code enter the following: </div>
  10. click on "source" again and then on OK