PayPal standard (credit card)

Paypal is one of the most common online payments methods of the world. In the payment methods among the e-commerce options of your site you will have to enter the email address you've specified when creating your private account on PayPal.

This system accepts payments with: credit cards, PayPal recharge.

If you haven't got a PayPal account you can simply enter your email, upon first payment an email message will be delivered to you, with instructions for creating an account, on how to receive payments an PayPal fees.

The "identity verification message" is provided by PayPal and is needed to automate the passage of the state of an order to "paid" when payment is received.
You can get the code on your PayPal account:
  • Profile (header menu)
  • My selling tools (left menu)
  • Website Payment Preferences
  • Select the two entries "Auto return for Website Payments" and "Payment Data Transfer (optional)"
  • Enter in the "Return URL" field the domain of your site followed by "/paypal/thanks" (eg:
  • Save
  • Now, in the "Payment Data Transfer (optional)" field, "Identity Token" will appear
  • copy and paste it in the "E-commerce options" of your EditArea site in the field:
  • Payment options > PayPal > PayPal Standard
  • "Identity token (optional)"

How to remove limitations from your PayPal account

Through the verification code service, PayPal will be able to make sure that you are the owner of the credit card linked to the PayPal account, thus making your transactions even more secure. This way, you'll become a verified PayPal user and the initial sending and receiving money restrictions to your account will be removed.

Registering to this service is simple: you just need to request the Verification code to PayPal, authorizing the withdrawal of a very small amount from your credit card, that will be given back to you as a bonus directly on your PayPal account. Ask for your verification code and enjoy all of the PayPal functionalities.